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150 years

Look back with us on 150 years of company history

150 years of Dahlinger

2021 is a very special year for Dahlinger – we celebrate our birthday and look back with joy on 150 years of company history. Moving years in which we have developed from a traditional jewellery case manufacturer to an international supplier of packaging solutions in the luxury & lifestyle industry. Today, our innovative products take us from Lahr in the Black Forest to the whole world. Our history is marked by great successes and no less great challenges. Both have made us what we are today – and we look back on this with pride and gratitude.
Many things have changed in 150 years, but one thing has always remained the same: At Ch. Dahlinger, the focus is always on our customers and their individual products.
Therefore, we would like to use this occasion to thank everyone who has accompanied us on this journey for the trusting and successful cooperation.

Our management

Family business for five generations

Our history

The most important milestones and our development


July 6th – Christian Dahlinger founds the Ch. Dahlinger Company for cardboard products in Lahr.


An extensive estate is acquired at the current headquarters and a separate factory building is built.


The company specializes in the manufacturing of watches, jewellery and cutlery packaging.

Golden 20s

Increasing exports and success with the production of shop window furnishings characterise the “Golden 20s”.


The company, destroyed during World War II, is rebuilt and it soon profits from the economic miracle in the following boom years.


Ch Dahlinger achieves a leading position in Europe thank to a modernized production and a highly motivated sales team. Ch. Dahlinger invests in modern carton coating machines.

Ch. Dahlinger invests in modern cardboard coating machines


Investment in a modern plastic injection moulding production.


A high degree of automation is achieved by investing in a modern plastic injection moulding production facility and a new tool shop.


First contacts are made with the future production partner in Thailand. Investments in an EDP system and personal computers follow.


Introduction of the prominent Dahlinger logo.


Globalisation and new production partners open up a multitude of new possibilities in product development.


Dahlinger deals with the topic of sustainability at an early stage and introduces the first eco-friendly logo.



The company builds up a second mainstay in the area of industrial customers.



The first website is launched under www.dahlinger.com.


New production partners in Asia are acquired.

Ch. Dahlinger opens a subsidiary in China.


Joining the Global Compact of the United Nations.

More about CSR


The growing industrial business requires investments in the field of graphic and product design. Establishment of an in-house design studio as an important pillar.


Investment in digital printing technology for sampling in 2D and 3D.


The issues of sustainability and digitalization come to the fore.

2021: We celebrate our 150th birthday


Our customers on the 150th anniversary

Interview with Bernd Dahlinger

Our Managing Director about 150 years of family business

What does the 150th anniversary of our company mean to you personally?

First and foremost, I associate the anniversary of our company with gratitude. Gratitude towards our customers, employees, suppliers and other service providers who, over five generations, have made it possible for our company to celebrate this anniversary in the first place.

In addition, I also feel a certain amount of pride that the five generations of Dahlingen have managed to navigate the company relatively safely under occasionally challenging and adverse circumstances. These include the First World War, the world economic crisis, the Second World War, the financial market crisis, but also the complete reorientation of the company in connection with the abandonment of production at the Lahr site and the entry into new business fields.

What was the most important piece of advice you received in your life and from whom?

80% of success comes from outstanding preparation. This sentence was uttered many years ago in a conversation with a management consultant who accompanied the transformation of our company from 2002 to 2009 on the advisory board. And it still applies today…

You are considered a family man, is the Dahlinger Family an extension of your own family for you?

I myself am lucky enough to have a family with four children. The Dahlinger Family is much bigger, but I enjoy trying to transfer rules for dealing with each other within a family to the Dahlinger Family and vice versa.

How is that expressed?

This does not succeed everywhere and does not make sense everywhere, but situations such as friction, joy over common achievements, coping with negative experiences as well as controversial discussions and now and then disputes occur in both families. In the latter, leadership with a weighty share of social competence is additionally required

What are the most important values that have shaped Ch. Dahlinger over 150 years?

Reliability, discipline, respect, honesty, tolerance, fairness, commitment, enthusiasm, modesty and gratitude.

How important is the German market for Ch. Dahlinger today – and what importance do you attach to it in the future? Which foreign markets do you consider particularly important and attractive?

The German market is the most important market for us today. We have a very good market position here. This market will remain very important in the future in absolute terms, but the potential for us lies to a much greater extent abroad. We already export almost 80% of our products abroad.

At Ch. Dahlinger, a lot is currently happening on the topic of sustainability, especially in its ecological dimension, why is this topic so important to you?

The topic of sustainability has become much more important in recent years. For us, sustainability has been a central issue for many years, and we have been working intensively on it.

Based on our self-image of also making our possible contribution to the conservation of resources, we have taken numerous measures to date and are currently in the process of implementing more in order to live up to this self-image. This applies not only to our product range, but also to our entire supply chain and our locations. More and more of our business partners are thinking along similar lines, and so we are encountering a bundle of ideas and demands from all sides on how we can come ever closer to this goal together with our partners in our joint projects.

Let’s take a look into the future: What has to happen for the company to successfully survive another 150 years or more?

That is a very exciting question, which I try to answer as simply as possible. If the next generations in management and staff succeed in continuing to pursue a business policy that combines reflection on proven values, the abandonment of fields that do not hold promise for the future and the constant preoccupation with renewal and potential markets of the future, while at the same time living with passion, heart and soul and treating each other with respect, then I believe that is quite possible.

What have been the biggest highlights for you personally in recent years?

The successful transformation of our company in the period from the closure of production in 2002 and the development into an important supplier of cases, displays and decorations for the luxury and lifestyle markets.

Will Ch. Dahlinger remain a family-run company in the following generations?

As an optimist, I unequivocally say yes. However, this requires the training of management in every generation in such a way that they have the experience, skills and values that I already listed in the answer to the penultimate question. In this respect, it is a high demand that must be met.



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